November 2, 2022

What is bops Inventory Benchmark?

How do you compare to your competition?

So what's the big news?

It’s brutal out there.

Competition is fierce. Resources are limited. Customer demand can change in a moment.

If a truck breaks down, there is nothing you can do. But missed sales? Excess inventory? There is absolutely no room for that in your company’s operations.

Sound familiar? 

You’re not alone. 

That’s where bops Inventory Benchmark steps in. It’s time to stop guessing how well your company is managing inventory, and start taking action. 

What is bops Inventory Benchmark?

Simply put, bops Inventory Benchmark is a tool that takes your Inventory Turnover Ratio to provide you with visibility on how efficiently your company is managing inventory compared to your industry peers. 

Inventory management today rarely pinpoints actionable opportunities for your company to improve. Instead, you're stuck with high level metrics, with no clue of what actually happened in your day-to-day operations that got you there. 

bops Inventory Benchmark will give you a direction to point towards in regards to your operational decisions. You can set goals for your company to achieve, such as identifying areas of improvement (investing in SKUs that drive profitability, etc.) or potential risks (product stock outs, etc.) earlier than before so that you are not scrambling when things have gotten worse already.

Ready to try it?

Sometimes the best source of data is right in front of you. It’s your own inventory data.


"The three things I love about bops are its easy adoption, great customer service, and insights that help you grow" - Julie, Inventory Manager

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