November 2, 2022

Inter-connected Insights in Supply Chains

Interconnected insights in today's supply chain

You are the CEO of a mid-size company selling candles. You’ve built this business from the ground up, and now have 3 distribution centers and 30 stores along the East Coast. The holiday season is approaching, and soon customers will rush in to buy this season’s most popular scented candles. Sales in the next weeks will contribute up to 40% of annual revenue. Leading up to this rush, your supply chain team confirms that purchase orders were issued, and each of your 25 stores should receive the candles on time.

But, a week before the anticipated rush, you are notified that this year’s popular scent, Vanilla Bean Candles, has not yet arrived at seven of your stores. You call the distribution center, and they are not expecting any trucks this week. Nobody knows what is going on. Nobody knows what to do with the data that the company already has. The crisis begins. Teams search through a myriad of reports and various siloed legacy applications as they try to discern how to satisfy buyers who anxiously await.

It turns out that the Vanilla Candles missed the original ship date, and the next planned ship is stuck in the Panama Canal. Our world today is full of uncertainties, and events like supplier delays have enormous effects downstream, directly impacting your customers and bottom line.

As a supply chain manager, what can you do?

  • Do you transfer goods from the warehouse, or from one store to another?
  • Sift through thousands of excel spreadsheets? Your company has thousands of SKUs!!

The root cause of your problem is not the delayed shipment. It’s the lack of end-to-end supply chain visibility, poor data accuracy, manual processes, and lack of communication with suppliers upstream. AND, all the massive amounts of data and various options for each opportunity are too vast for humans to quickly and accurately analyze.

As the backbone of your business, your supply chain needs to be efficient and agile to rise to unexpected challenges while staying profitable.

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