Collaborative Inventory
Intelligence for
CPG Suppliers

Streamline your Collaborative Planning
to avoid out-of-stocks, excess inventory, and
markdowns by synchronizing your inventory flow
with your consumer demand

Trusted by CPG suppliers of all sizes
that sell through retail


Missed Sales Reduction


Inventory & Operating Cost Reduction


Productivity Increase

What is bops?

A technology-first approach to CPFR

Collaborative Forecasting & Replenishment

Collaborate with retail partners to mitigate under/over ordering and improve forecast accuracy with dynamic planning parameters and workflows

Retail Analytics & Intelligence

Predict issues to reduce out-of-stocks and excess inventory, and improve on-shelf availability with proactive recommendations

Synchronized Demand & S&OE

Create store-SKU level forecast and recalibrate demand with shelf-connected insights to continuously improve your consensus demand planning and S&OE

Multi-echelon Replenishment & Inventory Optimization

Execute shelf-demand-driven replenishment with dynamic inventory policies by location-SKUs and workflows

How it works

bops synchronizes your Retail-SKU and Supply Chain data on top of your existing systems, improving your
supply chain planning & execution, and retail trade collaboration

Why partner with bops?

It's the smartest way for your
customer supply chain team to operate

Leverage timely shelf-connected recommendations powered by a combination of high-volume data processing and industry-algorithms
Bring real-time consumer demand insights directly into your daily supply chain decision-making
Achieve streamlined collaboration with retail partners and internal supply chain teams using workflows embedded in the tools you already use

Get started today.

Give your Customer Supply Chain Teams the
power to reduce out-of-stocks, excess inventory,
and markdowns with bops Collaborative Inventory Intelligence Platform.