February 28, 2024

The CPFR 2.0 Show: Episode 5: Collaborative Replenishment as a Competitive Advantage

Based out of Bentonville, Arkansas, John leverages his experience across the retail supply chain to help suppliers better understand how critical Collaborative Replenishment is to their success in retail.

About this episode:

Jorge’s guest for Episode 5 is John Davis, a CPFR and Supply Chain Expert based out of Bentonville, Arkansas.

In this conversation, John leverages his deep experience across the retail supply chain to illustrate how collaborative replenishment can be a competitive advantage for suppliers selling through retailers.

About the guest speaker:

About John Davis

John Davis is a relationship builder. Over the last 30 years, he has enabled the professional advancement of dozens of direct reports and enhanced the business performance of companies across a wide variety of industries from automobile manufacturers to global retailers.

In supply chain, both as an individual contributor and as a team leader, John held progressive roles in Walmart Replenishment. These roles included work in Consumables, Pets, Dry Grocery, and Home. From high velocity, domestic truckload items to slow turn, import small packages, he has learned – sometimes the hard way – the necessary nuance to be in stock for the customer and to smooth inventory flow for the supplier and the retailer.

His forecasting and replenishment skills honed inside Walmart have also been deployed from the other side of the table. On the supplier side, John has developed forecasting and retailer interaction processes with Target, Walmart US, and Walmart Canada.

Most recently with a retail data firm, John was responsible for key accounts in need of improved relationship management and higher levels of service. His success with those accounts led to a position as Product Manager where he is focused on creating and adapting reporting content based on available data from retailers such as Walmart, Target, Kroger, Amazon, and Meijer

John brings with him an extensive background in retail supply chain operations, training, and change management. This experience has allowed him to develop expertise across many disciplines within the retail sector that he has leveraged into customer-facing roles charged with identifying and implementing technology-driven process improvements.


What is CPFR 2.0?

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  • Of course! Although the CPFR 2.0 conversations are tailored towards customer supply chain teams, CPFR teams, category managers, and other operators at consumer brands, everyone is welcome to join us!