March 18, 2024

The bops and GS1 Mexico Alliance

To help combat out-of-stock and overstock challenges for CPG suppliers and retailers in Mexico, bops and GS1 Mexico have formed a strategic partnership.

On a global basis, there is an almost $1 trillion* gap between what consumers want to buy at the retail shelf and what they actually do purchase.

This gap manifests itself as out-of-stocks from the consumer's perspective (what did they come ready to buy but did not because they couldn’t find it on the shelf or online) and overstocks from the retailer's perspective (excess markdowns or spoilage).

While there have been considerable improvements in systems and processes over the years, the financial and operational challenges from out-of-stocks and overstocks continue to frustrate CPG suppliers, retailers, and most importantly, the consumer.

Jorge Risquez, CEO of, unveiling the partnership with GS1 Mexico at Expo ANTAD 2024 in Guadalajara, Mexico

To combat these challenges for CPG suppliers and retailers in Mexico, bops and GS1 Mexico have formed a strategic partnership.

GS1 is a global organization, with chapters in 150 countries, that develops and maintains standards for barcodes, electronic product codes and other supply chain-related identification systems.

GS1 Mexico has been a leader in bringing in the latest technologies connecting suppliers with retailers and consumers for more than 35 years, helping promote the use of the “750” barcode for commercial products, and managing the country's identification system.

As more consumers shop through various channels such as online, in-store, and mobile, understanding and staying ahead of consumer demand is getting more complicated for suppliers and retailers.

Yet, this increasing complexity has moved supplier-retailer collaboration from an attractive idea to a necessary ingredient for success in retail, providing the rationale to justify investment in technology in this new era, where the focus is not only on the flow of data, but the flow of intelligence, between trading partners.

Through this strategic partnership, the bops' Inventory Intelligence Platform will be embedded at the core of our shared mission and vision with GS1 Mexico to enable a Collaborative Supply Chain for CPG suppliers and their retailer partners, empowering them with actionable information to have the right products to meet consumer demand, while effectively managing inventory levels and increasing profits.

This partnership was formally finalized by bops CEO, Jorge Risquez, and the GS1 Mexico leadership team at last week's Expo ANTAD, Mexico's largest CPG and retail conference held annually in Guadalajara, Mexico.  

The stage where bops and GS1 Mexico officially unveiled the partnership